BLACK BOY ADVOCATE founder, Dr. Abena Asantewaa, has made a study of Black boys since the late 1990s. Her unique combination of training and experience allows her to speak to teachers, parents, professionals, administrators.

“Dr. A” has a master’s degree in school psychology and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Adelphi University. She has spent her 40-year career, in equal parts, teaching at the university level, and providing psychological services in pre-kindergarten through high school settings, in the U.S., and in Ghana, West Africa.

Additionally, as the mother of two sons, she became aware of the challenges facing boys generally, and Black boys in particular. She has made the study of Black boys in the elementary school setting her particular area of expertise.

BLACK BOY ADVOCATE is committed to, among other things:

  • raising public awareness of the plight of Black boys in the American education system,
  • sharing information that addresses the specific needs of Black boys in grades pre-k through 6,
  • empowering teachers, parents, and professionals to work more effectively with Black boys,
  • helping to shift public perception of Black boys, emphasizing their strengths and potential.