Black Boys in Crisis: Does Anyone Even Care?

Matthew Lynch has written a series of articles addressing the crisis of Black boys in education. In this article, “Black Boys in Crisis: Does Anyone Even Care?” he makes the case for seeing Black boys as a separate demographic (not classified as “minorities” along with other ethnic groups and immigrants). There are concerns that are specific to Black boys, and solutions that can be specifically applied to them. He put it brilliantly:

Black boys are a student demographic that has been, and continues to be, misunderstood in P-20 classrooms. Misbehavior, learning styles, and social skills are often misconstrued as problems by educators when in fact, black boys are simply not receiving the most effective forms of discipline, lessons, and peer-interaction opportunities. As a result, many are slipping through the proverbial cracks and not learning at their potential levels. That lack of learning leads to higher school dropout levels, higher rates of poverty, and higher incarceration rates, too.” Matthew Lynch, in The Edvocate

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